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Our great witnesses

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Cedric Laroyenne

EPSA CSR Manager and EPSA Foundation General Delegate

At a time when companies must, in order to survive, integrate new technologies in a positive way, bet on ever more authenticity and transparency, have and give meaning to their employees but also their consumers; the company that takes the lead today is certainly the one that has clear positions on environmental and social issues (including, sometimes, political positions).

Indeed, the role of the company is definitely no longer just to generate profit, to sell products, but to do so by having a positive impact on the world. It becomes obvious that the lever to be activated to generate sustainable growth is that of a full and complete contribution by the company for the benefit of all the players in its value chain. The consideration is no longer made solely on the sole reading of the company's income statement but by taking into account all the resources borrowed by the company, women and men but also the resources necessary for their existence. .

This means that the economic structure, keen to be present in the decades to come, will have to develop new tools, "business cases" becoming inseparable from "inclusive cases". The conjunction of the two analyzes will allow informed choices which will guarantee survival in the face of the challenges of the world.

Being “inclusive” above all means being representative of the society in which we operate, of being the mirror of its own clients / consumers. Through this strategic choice, we are asked to "do our part" with regard to the market in which the company operates, its context, its dynamics and its legislation. The company must come closer to an altruistic ambition in its management, a desire to integrate the common good into its business, because it is today the greatest force for transforming the current capitalist model ... its main remedy in somehow.

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