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Our great witnesses


Lene Kjølby Lundsgaard

Co-Founder and Emergency Response Manager at Just Action

Just Impact brings a new approach to the relationship between refugees and the local population.

At Just Action, we are dedicated to changing the approach. We are here to create a more sustainable impact for both refugees and locals of Samos Island . We want more collaboration, engagement and understanding. We are deeply rooted in local knowledge, with one of us even being born and raised in Samos. We beleive you get further if you understand things from the perspective of local communities .

This is also why we decided from the start to stand alongside everyone. Whether they live across the street, in the refugee camp, or on the other side of the island. It is important for us to help wherever it is needed and to act from an understanding of how the struggles of different communities are connected . While most of our projects focus on the refugee camp, we acknowledge that many locals are struggling as well.

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